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Due to its promptness and effectiveness on social media, real estate videos have out performed other visual medias, to help promote and increase the sale of your real estate property.

Today’s modern and tech savvy society depends solely on visuals and quick information, right at their fingertips. The real estate industry is no exception to this. Most real estate listings and sales perform effectively when a creative and attractive video is presented to the buyer. Thanks to today’s social media, real estate videos are sure to reach a broader audience and draw much attention.
Our real estate videos are dynamic and creative. With our background in great wedding storytelling techniques, we will produce an attractive and powerful video that will engage your audience. Our past videos have helped realtors sell homes within days. Whether you are an agent or a private seller, we are here to deliver.

Toronto Wedding Films

Win more contracts by showing prospects what type of video you will provide for their listing.


Toronto Wedding Films

Real Estate Videos are highly shareable. Guess what, more views, means more leads. And more leads equal faster sales.


Toronto Wedding Films

Our Real Estate Video Production process is both structured and communicative. Our turn-around time is quick and allows you to sell more homes at a faster pace.


Toronto Wedding Films

People love to watch and share videos online. This means all eyes are on you. We will help you build and maintain an online presence with your audience.



Our Real Estate Videography Services Include

Toronto Wedding Films

Real Estate Property Listing Videos are a must have. A Real Estate Property Listing Video gives you the opportunity to pair photos with video clips and text to showcase the story of a property more in-depth. These videos can be shared in your listing itself, as well as on your website, your social media accounts, or anywhere you’re promoting your listing.


Toronto Wedding Films

Aside from the features of the property itself, the properties of a neighborhood is often a big selling point. You can take your property listings up a notch by also including a video, or link to a video, showcasing the neighborhood and its attractions.


Toronto Wedding Films

A video about yourself is one of the best ways to connect with potential clients. It will give them an idea of who you are and whether they’d like to work with you. Use this video to help potential clients put a face and personality to your name. It’s all about being innovative and creative. You may include a headshot, any accolades or awards you’ve received, testimonials from previous clients, and, most importantly, your contact info. It’s about time that you stand out among others.


Toronto Wedding Films

While your "About me" video is great to showcase your personality, a testimonial video will give your clients the opportunity to share their experiences of your wonderful work. Now is your chance to tell the world just how wonderful you are to work with. In fact, testimonial video is a nice way to show potential clients that you’ve got a positive track record.


Toronto Wedding Films

Showcase your expertise with a real estate explainer video. This video documents real estate concepts that potential clients may be searching for. Not only does it give you the opportunity to get discovered by new potential clients, but it also gives you credibility when home sellers are deciding whether they’d like to do business with you.


Toronto Wedding Films

This video is a great way to stand out and make a name for your self in the communities. When people are looking to buy or sell, they’ll immediately think of you and the knowledge you bring to the table.


 How This New Trend in Real Estate Videography Could Benefit You

Our real estate videography packages start at $550.00

Xpression Video Productions offers Real Estate Videography Services to clients across Toronto and the rest of Ontario.

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