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Xpression Video Productions offers a full range of services to convert and transfer your old video tapes into digital media.

Storage media such as VHS and other cassette tapes are now considered obsolete in favour of digital, disc-based media such as CDs and DVDs. In fact, it’s just a matter of time before disc-based media are also discarded. In due time, these “analog” storage media will become vulnerable to physical degradation, with significant decrease in the quality and noticeable artifacts. However, digital media, although not indestructible, maintains the quality of the content no matter the age of the physical medium. As long as you have your content backed up on multiple digital storage devices, your media content is effectively guaranteed to last forever. Given the increasing capacities of digital storage drives, it is becoming progressively feasible to store audio, video, and photo libraries on our portable devices. It only makes sense to take your most prized old home videos and get them transferred as soon as possible, before it is too late. 

At Xpression Video Productions we can assist with converting your tape-based media into the digital media using our professional equipment, and converting digital content on CDs and DVDs for playback on computers, tablets, and smartphones. We also have a professional, high-resolution scanner for converting old film into the digital media formats for prolonged storage.

Tape Formats Which We Are Able to Convert for You

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Media SD Resolution 720X480 Upscale to HD Resolution 1920X1080 Output File NTSC / PAL / SECAM Conversion
VHS / SVHS / VHS-C $26.00 per Tape up to two hours $25.00 per hour MOV / MP4 $10.00
VIDEO8 / DIGITAL8 / HI8 $26.00 per Tape up to two hours $25.00 per hour MOV / MP4 $10.00
MINI-DV $26.00 per Tape up to two hours $25.00 per hour MOV / MP4 $10.00
HDV $29.50 per Tape up to two hours $32.50 per hour MOV / MP4 $10.00
BETAMAX - $45.00 per hour MOV / MP4 $10.00
DVD / MINI-DVD / BLU-RAY $23.00 per disc $30.00 per disc MOV / MP4 $10.00
REGULAR8 / SUPER8 FILM $0.37 per foot $0.51 per foot MOV / MP4 $15.00
16MM / SUPER16 / 9.5MM FILM $0.43 per foot $0.64 per foot MOV / MP4 $15.00

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All upscale HD media includes blank space and blue screen removals. A minimum of one hour of video transfer will be charged on all HD upscale media. All film media transfers will include manual colour and light correction, scene by scene editing, PTR film cleaning, true frame by frame scan and sound recording.

Please note, there is an additional cost to backup your transferred footage into a blank media. Depending on your preferred choice of blank media, pricing may vary. By default, we provide a standard MP4/MOV file on a standard USB key. Pricing for a 16gb USB drive starts at $20.00, or we can send you the digital files via Google drive.

Typical turn around time for a standard video transfer order is 2 weeks. If you have deadlines that require more immediate attention, please do contact us and we'd be happy to accomodate you.

Xpression Video Productions offers Video Transfer and Duplication Services to clients across Toronto and the rest of Ontario.

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